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W H Y   G O   A V E R A G E   ?   the perpetual fast-forward...living on the cutting edge of music, technology + just plain forward thinking, stacey is always on the move and has done so several times, several thousand miles ...

H O W   I T   B E G A N  / /

stacey was exposed to the internet in 1991 and it changed everything. she started her online career in 1995 as an internet specialist at a multi-million dollar facilty located in the queen west district of toronto. the internet was still a new concept to most of the world, so she thrived on introducing clients to the wonders of the world wide web.

R O C K E T   N E T W O R K   / /  


miss van buskirk was part of the team who brought live, virtual music collaboration around the globe to a realization through the rocket network (formerly known as res rocket surfer) ... collaborative technology that allows for musicians to similtaneously create music together in a virtual space. simply put, it allows artists in london, new york + los angeles to record music together without ever getting on a plane.

onboard the rocket in '96, she quickly found herself evangelizing the internet throughout europe and north amercia when most people did not know what the "world wide web" was yet, let alone make music through it. she also performed at festivals and conferences in various parts of the world showing off the live "vortex" jamming with the technology.

stacey had the opportunity to work with high profile artists like herbie hancock, stevie wonder, sinead o'connor, thomas dolby, frequenting the best in recording studios like fox, universal, sarm west, serrafine, abbey road, hit factory ... training producers, engineers and artists how to use the system.

rocket network was aquired by avid in 2003 and has become part of digidesign's digidelivery system.

E Y E P H U N K / /

after 5 years at rocket, she opted for a change and signed on as the director of new media at eyephunk label group & distribution. the company specialized in electronic music, importing and exporting the finest in breakbeat, electro, drum & bass, trance, experimental and idm. the team was made up of dj's and musicians so everyone worked hard to promote new music, cross pollinate genres and break new artists in the USA.

key accomplishments during this period included:

- a partnership with eMusic.com for the sale of digital music (mp3's) for the eyephunk label group's artists - before iTunes - when paying for mp3's was still a strange concept
15-minute radio features on artists and labels that were produced in-house and aired on college music stations all over the USA
an online show called Eyephunk Breaks which broadcast weekly on groovetech.com
a monthly nightlife event Eyephunk Breaks which brought talent from all over the globe
generating a lot of publicity including a full page feature in the San Francisco Examiner who noted Eyephunk as "leaders in the electronic music community and at the forefront of emerging music trends.



V I S U A L S   / /  


at the end of 2000, she expressed interest in doing visuals, thinking it would be the perfect enhancement for her own music. she immediately asked her friend matt black (half of Coldcut, founder of Ninja Tune and a pioneer of audiovisual performance) to help get her get started. off she went, putting music temporarily on the backburner to get her live visual performance together ...

as a visual artist, she has an extensive resume of visually enhancing the performances of a variety of over + underground artists and dj's including: Anthony Rother, Juan Atkins, Alex Patterson (the Orb), Tipper, the Crystal Method, Mike Garson, Earth Wind & Fire, mu-ziq, Phoenecia, Radioactive Man (aka Keith Tenniswood aka Two Lone Swordsman), Green Velvet, Jonah Sharp (aka Spacetime Continuum) Twerk, Single Cell Orchestra, phon.o, O.S.T., Crunch, Logreybeam, edIT, eight frozen modules, Venetian Snares

generating images from a multitask-world state of mind, stacey and her visuals received attention. she was the first visual artist to appear on groovetech.com, a popular online electronic radio station with studios in london, san francisco and seattle, she and anna were featured in mac addict magazine w/ richie hawtin & BT. she also has had numerous tv and public appearances.

E C H O L O C A T I O N   / /  

in the beginning of 2001, she teamed up with Anna Sitko (aka anon) to create echolocation, a series of ambientech environments with audio and visual arts of the ambient/idm/experimental sort. echolocation environments have been created as stand alone events, as well as at large festivals, showcasing the best in intelligent dance music and the artists who create it.

they hosted echolocation.fm, an online live audiovisual show with guests, that broadcasted globally through Ninja Tune's pirate station PirateTV.net. Tipper, Single Cell Orchestra + Basura joined them as residents of the echolocation collective.

T H O S E  I N T E L L I G E N T  D A N C E  B I T C H E S  / /  


stacey and anna performed as the audiovisual duo 'IDB' (intelligent dance bitches) presenting anon + girlie8 live music + visuals.

in 2003, they were one of the featured artists on the television series STOCKTOWN that focuses on underground artists + culture all over the globe... japan, brazil, usa, australia and beyond.

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