---- PROJECTS ----
gold chains ep "straight from your radio" is released on tigerbeat6, featuring vocals by anon (anna sitko) and girLie8 (stacey van buskirk) on track "human pony girl"

listen to "human pony girl" mp3
buy it @ [ tigerbeat6.com ]
gold chains website [ gold-chains-worldwide ]

echolocation @ fusion festival 2000
a 4-day outdoor festival in northern california.

(2,500 - 3,000 people)

daytime set up:
night vision:
single cell orchestra (left):   | twerk + tipper (right):

11 july 2002
D M T V : drum machine television
aired on cable channel 29, featuring an audiovisual set by anon + girLie8
live @ ascension ii @ 1015 folsom in san francisco
[ drummachine.com | echolocation.fm | accessf.org ]

20 july 2002 ->
girlie8.tv live visuals @ metropolis to enhance the performances of crystal method,
bt, deepsky, green velvet, goldie + more...
girLie joined c-trl + blasthaus to create live visualscapes on more than 12 screens.
[ clockworkevents.com ]
(10,000+ people)

[audience view] 2 screens on either side of the stage:
[backstage view] green velvet live w/ girlie8.tv visuals:

29 september 2002 ->
anon + girLie8 live on treasure island with massive attack,
rockers hi-fi, mixmaster morris + more
[ elektricsoul.com ]
(3,000+ people)

05 october 2002 ->
anon + girLie8 live in los angeles with youth (dragonfly, uk),
e.l.m. conceptions, prophei + more
(500+ people)

08 october 2002 ->
video riot!
dimension7 in san francisco organizes a group of underground veejays
to take over 2 large buildings and a parking lot.
girLie8 is one of them...

31 october 2002 ->

a television series focusing on underground artists + culture
from all over the globe... japan, brazil, usa, australia and beyond.

episode 5 aired in europe on 31 october featuring those intelligent dance bitches
anon+girLie8. other featured artists include princess superstar and kool keith.
[ purchase the dvd ]


02 november 2002 ->
eyephunk breaks at popsikle 4 @ the bill graham auditorium, san francisco.
visual environment created by those idb's.
(10,000+ people - sold out show)
view of the room with 20 screens & 6 projectors:
snapshot of projection on screen behind the deejay:
main room of bill graham auditorium:

22 november 2002 ->
echolocation & the terpsichore group present slightly bent @ an undisclosed location
in san francisco. 2 floors of visuals and music and art, including live painting by kelly tunstall
and musical performances from l'usine, proem, tipper & all of the e.l.m. curators.
(500+ people - reached capacity)

24 may 2003 ->
eyephunk breaks at popsikle 5 @ the exhibition concourse, san francisco.
visual environment created by those idb's & adam ohana with string art by andréas amador.
(14,000+ people - sold out show)